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How to convince your spouse about GoldenKey

How to convince your spouse about GoldenKey

Author: Austin Stanion

You might be ready to join the GoldenKey community, but the love of your life is not convinced :).

We get it. GoldenKey is new and different, and doubts about novel ways of doing things persist. You’re the early adopter. Your partner keeps the wheels on the track. But you'll be the smartest home buyer or seller on the block -- read our testimonials, check out our agent profiles. We bet your partner will love that.

Uber and Airbnb also faced doubts. A few years ago, it would have sounded crazy to stay in a stranger’s house or travel in a stranger’s car. Not anymore.

Designed for the digital age, GoldenKey brings the same convenience and simplicity to real estate. It gets better. The platform saves you thousands by eliminating agent commissions while still providing full agent services.

We understand the need for clarity and a rock-solid argument. That’s why we want to address your love button’s concerns head on and help you convince your partner just how smart, efficient and price-savvy (you are) GoldenKey is :).

Here’s how to convince your loving mate that GoldenKey’s the best way to do real estate:

  • GoldenKey is professional. Every agent in the GoldenKey community is a fully licensed professional real estate agent who passes a rigorous vetting process.

  • GoldenKey saves you thousands. Both buyers and sellers save big by paying for distinct agent services rather than a commission at the end, $12,000 on a $400,000 home. GoldenKey sellers simply don’t pay a commission. GoldenKey rebates to buyers the full commission dedicated to buyer’s agents. (Buyer’s and seller’s agents usually evenly split the commission from the money the buyer pays for a home). Our average client saves $10,000.

  • GoldenKey is on-demand. No longer do you need to match to an agent’s schedule. When you want to see a home, write an offer or list your home, a GoldenKey agent is there to serve you.

  • GoldenKey is proven. GoldenKey has served over 800 happy buyers and sellers with the help of its community of over 1,600 professional agents in 47 states. GoldenKey agents have helped consumers on homes ranging from $150,000 mill homes to $2.4 million mansions.

  • GoldenKey has believers. GoldenKey is backed by home improvement giant Lowe’s and some of the savviest investors in Silicon Valley, including lead investors in Uber and Airbnb.

  • $250,000 and counting. GoldenKey has saved consumers over a quarter million dollars in real estate commission fees and counting.

GoldenKey is the best value you’ll find in real estate. You get as much agent representation as you want, pay for what you use and pay zero commission fees. It’s no-commission, no-brainer real estate. Enough said.

Has your partner perked up yet? :)