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Five Home Upgrades Actually Worth The Money

Five Home Upgrades Actually Worth The Money

Author: Colleen Fox

When fixing up your home, remember that not all home upgrades offer the same return on investment. You may love your new pool and firepit, but a newlywed couple with a baby on the way probably won’t. To get your money’s worth, focus on basic upgrades that you value and home buyers will value as well. Here is a list of upgrades that are guaranteed to add value to your home:


1. Lighting

What’s the point of spending thousands of dollars on home upgrades if buyers can’t properly see them? High wattage lights can make your small space feel open and warm. Replacing old bulbs and fixtures is easy and inexpensive and can have the greatest impact on the look and value of your home.


2. Hardwood floors

If there’s one thing to be learned from watching House Hunters, it’s this: hardwood floors or nothing. Buyers go nuts over hardwood floors. Don’t waste your money on replacing old carpet. Instead, spend some money on valuable hardwood flooring. It’s easier to clean and gives that feeling of nature without actually having to live near nature.


3. Open floor plan

This may be the most invasive upgrade, but knocking out a non-structural wall opens up your space and creates a sense of flow in your home. It gives the illusion of a larger living area, and subsequently larger value. You’ll also have the liberty to toss around words like ‘energy’ and ‘feng shui’ to potential buyers.  


4. Front door

It’s never good to judge a house by its siding, but buyers do it anyway. To make a great first impression, invest in exterior upgrades like an awning above the front door, steel entry doors, or a new door knob. And for the sake of realtors everywhere, make sure you’re doorbell works.


5. Going green

It’s not just hippies in VW vans anymore, everyday people are interested in going green. Solar-powered utilities and green tax credits can save you money every month. Aven if they’re not interested in saving the planet, buyers recognize that an energy efficient home will save them the most important kind of green: money.