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How to Host the Perfect Open House

How to Host the Perfect Open House

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We live in a digital age where virtual home tours and high-resolution photos have become the norm in real estate. Regardless, homebuyers still want to see a property in person before they sign on the dotted line. As such, open houses have long been a staple of real estate since they give potential buyers an opportunity to see the house in person without the hassle of scheduling an appointment. If you're ready to show off your home, check out these tips on how to host the perfect open house:

Before the Big Day

 There's a lot more to hosting the perfect open house besides sticking a sign in the yard and setting out a plate of cookies. Your home is going to have every inch scrutinized by each person who walks through the door, so you need to be prepared.

 Several weeks before the event, begin taking care of minor repairs both inside and outside the home. A small scratch on the wall may be a non-issue for you, but for potential buyers, it could be a sign of a neglected home that has many more issues that aren't visible. To ensure your guests don't get this idea, take the time to make sure everything is as clean as possible and take care of any landscaping issues.

 As you get the house show-ready, you should begin advertising. In addition to putting a sign in the yard, you can also take out ads in the local newspaper, post on Craigslist, and distribute flyers. It may seem strange to hand flyers out to neighbors, but they are actually one of your best resources for finding a buyer. Although they probably won't be interested in moving to another house in their own neighborhood, your neighbors may have friends or family who are looking for something in the area.

 Here are a few other items to address before you start receiving guests:

  • Be mindful of potential thieves. Lock up valuables, small electronics, expensive knick-knacks, and prescription medication.
  • Make the house as bright as possible. Turn on all the lights, pull back the curtains, and raise the blinds to let in as much natural light as possible. Potential buyers like spaces that are light and airy, not dark and enclosed.
  • Depersonalize the décor. Remove anything highly personal from the home like family photos, your children's school artwork on the fridge, and monogrammed or engraved items with the names of family members. Make it possible for guests to see themselves in the home instead of feeling like they're just nosing through your house.
  • Send Fido to a Friend. The presence of pets or even signs that they live in the home could turn away potential buyers. If sending your pets away for the open house isn't possible, at least make sure that all of their belongings are completely immaculate and they are somewhere out of sight.
  • Set out informational packets in a high traffic area like the kitchen counter or dining room table. Include things like local school info, property details, and community brochures.

The GoldenKey Difference

Hosting an open house is anything but easy and it definitely isn't something that can be thrown together with just a day's notice. Luckily, there is a way to make the entire process much less of a hassle. When you use GoldenKey to book your open house, you get the expertise of a licensed real estate agent without the worry of having to pay them a commission when your house sells. You choose the date and an agent will arrive to host the event for you. With GoldenKey, hosting an open house has never been easier.


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