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How to Pet Proof Your Home

How to Pet Proof Your Home

Author: Colleen Fox

Getting a pet is a big responsibility. It’s one step up from the ficus your parents gifted to you after college and one step down from raising your own human. If you’re having second-thoughts after whatever Sarah McLachlan commercial convinced you that you’re mature enough to care for a living thing, don’t worry we have you covered. Here are some simple tips to pet-proofing every room in your home:


Keep your laundry and shoes in closets, and your cosmetics and medications off accessible surfaces like your nightstand. Use chew toys and scratching posts to keep pets occupied and relieve stress, because eating and napping in the sun all day is much more difficult than your office job. Or to limit access to this room altogether, use a baby gate.


Block any small spaces behind washer/dry units or cabinets where your pet can hide. Keep the toilet lid closed or locked, and put cleaners and toiletries on high shelves. But when your pet does eventually eat an entire tube of toothpaste and throws up all over your suede, cream-colored sofa, use nontoxic cleaning supplies.


Make sure all heating/air vents have covers. Keep trashcans covered or inside a latched cabinet, and keep sharp objects, poisonous plants, and food out of reach. Not all foods are toxic to animals, but the gas your pet passes when they eat your Chipotle burrito will be.

Living Room

Put away all your knick knacks, clutter, and beer pong balls that are choking hazards. Move electrical wires from TVs, and lamps out of reach and cover all outlets and power strips. If you still have cords for a landline telephone you probably shouldn’t have a pet because you’re probably the serial killer from Scream.

With these pet-proofing tricks, your new pet is bound to love their new home. Unless you have a cat, cats don’t love anything. As your pet grows older and needs less attention, avoid having kids a little longer by getting another pet. And when you need more space for your growing family, visit GoldenKey to learn how you can increase your space while also saving money with a commision free real estate agent.