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Our new home

Our new home

Author: Tommy Sowers

Where should a business call home? It's a central question for any new business, especially one as personal as ours. We aren't just looking to help you buy your next gadget, we're here to help you make the most important purchase of your life – your home. GoldenKey's new home is the Southeast's center of research and innovation: The Triangle of North Carolina.

I started my adult life in The Triangle as a Duke undergraduate. The Army and public service sent me all over the world, but I returned to Duke last year to give back to the community that taught me so much. I also chose The Triangle to start a family, and it's where I bought my first house. It has become a home. My beautiful daughter was born here, and so was the idea that became GoldenKey.

The Triangle is overflowing with great ideas and passionate entrepreneurs turning those ideas into action. It's lauded every year as one of the best places to live, to start a business, to raise a family. We know it's true. We see it every day when we have breakfast at Monuts, lick our fingers at The Pig, or explore the buzzing Warehouse District. We want to make it even easier for Americans to move to the area and earn a living here. The Triangle already leads North Carolina and the Southeast in art, science, and education. With GoldenKey, it will lead America's real estate market into the 21st century.

We will continue to expand GoldenKey even as we focus on The Triangle. Broward County, FL, our test market, has already proven that buyers and agents are looking for something more than the traditional real estate model offers. While our focus continues to evolve, we will never change our core values or our goals. We want to change the way people buy homes and the way agents earn a living, and we're starting exactly where we should – at home. Thanks for letting us be your neighbor.


Tommy Sowers

CEO and Founder, GoldenKey