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Our professional agents

Our professional agents

Author: Austin Stanion

Technology has changed how we find homes. But no tech makes seeing, pricing, buying or selling the biggest purchase of your life a one-click operation.

That’s where GoldenKey comes in. We make real estate on-demand by matching real estate consumers with quality real estate agent help for the exact tasks they want, when they want them.

Experienced, quality real estate agents bring immense value to a transaction and are critical to ensuring a smooth deal for buyers and sellers.

That’s why GoldenKey has made them a core part of its on-demand platform.

GoldenKey has built a national community of full-time, fully licensed professional agents who think like you do. They understand technology is revolutionizing real estate.

And like you, they use GoldenKey for the convenience and efficiency it offers.

We carefully vet agents before welcoming them to the community. Here’s how we ensure you get the best:

  • Each agent must pass a thorough proficiency test, which takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

  • GoldenKey reviews agents’ profile information and rejects those not up to its standards.

  • Customers review agents after each service. GoldenKey removes agents who don't maintain a high level of quality.

When you work with GoldenKey, you get focused, motivated and professional agents, who love the platform as much as you do.

GoldenKey is safe

Our customers say working with GoldenKey agents feels exactly like working with a traditional agent.

The difference between working with our agents and an agent under a traditional relationship is that you have access to a community of agents ready to work with you on your schedule for a simple fee.

GoldenKey is not a brokerage; it’s a real estate community. Its platform connects you with tech-savvy agents at respected firms around the country who join the GoldenKey community to do more business.

When you use GoldenKey agents to complete a transaction, your deal is backed by the broker's insurance as it is in a traditional agent relationship. All GoldenKey agents are experienced professionals trained and licensed to do real estate in their state.

Why agents like working with GoldenKey

Instead of hunting for new leads and spending time and effort on marketing and lead-gen, GoldenKey delivers agents clients to their doorstep.

This allows them to do what they do best -- help you find, price, see, buy or sell real estate. The platform also ensures they get paid for all the work they do, which is not the case when they work on commissions because when deals fall through, they don’t make a dime.

GoldenKey agents appreciate the convenience the platform provides. They enjoy the flexibility to choose how and when to engage with the platform.