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Our Story

Author: Tommy Sowers

Why am I leaving academia to dive into a risky startup? Why did I start GoldenKey? It's a good story.

I moved to The Triangle because I love the area. I loved my time here as a student. I love the opportunities it now offers my family. When I finally found the right house, though, I had to break in to see it. I could have been arrested for B&E at my future home. That's ridiculous. Why? Because I couldn't get a real estate agent to show me the home when I needed to see it. I couldn't find an agent who would work for me the way I needed. That's an issue millions have to navigate each year. GoldenKey is trying to fix it. That's part of our story, but not all of it.

I did finally find the right real estate agent. He was critical to helping us close the deal, but finding him proved the hardest part of the process. It was also frustrating to realize that I had no choice but to pay for numerous services I could have – or did – perform myself. I found the house and "showed" it to myself, and I would have been comfortable negotiating the final terms of the offer with my beautiful lawyer of a wife by my side. I resolved to help future buyers avoid the same frustrations.

GoldenKey tackles fundamental inefficiencies in a $1.7T industry, but we're also deeply invested in our community. So what makes a home? Is it the building, or the people in it? I believe it's the families that fill homes with stories. I may have stolen that line from the Mother's Day card I forgot to send, but it's true to us. At GoldenKey we don't just want to help you find a real estate agent and leave you with "good luck." We want to help you make your next house your home, we want to be your neighbor, and we want to hear the stories you tell.

There are stories everywhere in the Triangle – and we want to hear them. We'd love to hear your stories as we share a pile of biscuits at the Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen or buy you a cocktail at The Crunkleton, but we recognize that it's 2015, and your time is precious. These days, we tell our stories over social media. My Mom doesn't tweet, but I'll make sure to pass along your messages to her. Tell us about what makes The Triangle special to you, what you're excited about in the area, and how we can help. We're dedicated to creating a better real estate experience for buyers and agents, but we're also about building a stronger community. That's the story we want to tell.

Thanks for reading and send us your stories @soloprohome.


Tommy Sowers

CEO and Founder, GoldenKey