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Why technology and home search makes sense

Why technology and home search makes sense

Author: Austin Stanion

Everyone loves the efficiency, simplicity and ease of hailing rides with Uber and booking an amazing spot with Airbnb. Their efficient, seamless tech is emblematic of our culture’s digital revolution.

While sites like Zillow have completely transformed search, the real estate agent relationship remains stuck in our grandparents’ generation -- an opaque, expensive, one-size-fits-all process. Consumers still typically pay 3 percent of a home’s purchase price to their agent.

By allowing you to choose -- and pay for -- just those agent services you need and want, GoldenKey replaces this legacy commission pay structure with an efficient, on-demand and transparent platform. It brings the convenience of Uber and Airbnb to real estate.

With GoldenKey, you get access to a nationwide community of quality, licensed real estate agents who think like you do. You can hire an agent for specific services such as listing a home on the MLS, getting a property tour or managing the final paperwork of a transaction.

Why GoldenKey

One glance at a listing on Zillow or gives you information not available a decade ago: price history, school attendance information, tax history, commute information, the list goes on.

But when you want to see a home, nothing has changed. You hire an agent who shows you homes, writes offers, negotiates deals and manages a deal through close. And you pay a hefty price for that, all of which you might not need.

Agents provide immense value to a transaction, but technology has changed their role.

For example, a greater percentage of homebuyers (44 percent) found the home they purchased online themselves than through an agent (33 percent), according to the 2015 National Association of Realtors’ survey of homebuyers and sellers. A lot has changed in the last 15 years.

GoldenKey addresses this disconnect -- for you AND for agents.

GoldenKey delivers clients to agents’ doorsteps when they want them. In addition, they get paid for all the work they do, which is not the case when a commission client falls through.

GoldenKey is a real estate platform that makes sense for our modern life, for both you and agents.

See how GoldenKey unlocks real estate commissions here.