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The GoldenKey win-win

The GoldenKey win-win

Author: Austin Stanion

GoldenKey is a collaborative community where you find real estate agents to make your real estate dreams a reality with a modern platform and without the expensive one-size-fits-all commissions of the past.  

When you pay for only the real estate services you need on your timeframe, and agents get paid for everything they do. That’s GoldenKey’s secret sauce.

It’s simple. You’re looking for the best agent for you; GoldenKey agents are looking for the best client for them. We connect you to make GoldenKey magic.

You win

By making real estate fees transparent, GoldenKey breeds trust between you and our agents, empowering everyone on the platform and building strong consumer-agent relationships.

In a traditional real estate agency relationship, consumer and agent interests aren’t always aligned. Unscrupulous agents sometimes encourage buyers to close on a home that may have issues because they’re eager for the payout at the end of the deal.

You’re in control with GoldenKey, but you’re never alone. Our concierges and large community of quality real estate agents always have your back.

Agents win

You aren’t the only one who pays big for commission real estate. Agents suffer, too. Some clients they work with never end up buying or selling, leaving them unpaid for all the effort and work they put into serving them.

GoldenKey ensures they get paid a fair price for all the work they do.

They also love GoldenKey’s simplicity.

Instead of hunting for new leads and spending time and effort on marketing and lead-gen, GoldenKey delivers clients to their doorstep. They love that! Because this helps them focus and operate efficiently, you will, too!

With GoldenKey, they get a fair price for their focused work; you get an efficient, commission-free transaction -- a GoldenKey win-win. We call it no-duh -- we mean no-commission -- real estate.

Try it out here.


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