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There's no better value in real estate

There's no better value in real estate

Author: Austin Stanion

Real estate agents provide immense value, and but their commission pricing model makes them just as expensive. Their cut can get lost in the big dollar amounts of a home sale, but the approximate 6 percent fee they earn on most transactions is significant .  

When buyers use a GoldenKey agent to buy a home, they receive 100 percent of the commission dedicated for the buyer’s agent as a rebate. That’s typically 2 to 3 percent of the home sale, which equals approximately $12,000 on a $400,000 house.

Instead of the commission, buyers simply pay for what they need along their buying journey. They need a home tour? $100 and they’re done. They need an offer written? $200.

GoldenKey sellers, likewise, don’t deal in commissions. Instead of paying a seller’s agent a commission, they pay for exactly what they need, when they need it.

They need an open house or to list their home in the MLS? They get each of those services from a professional GoldenKey real estate agent for just $200. When the home sells, they see savings in the thousands.

GoldenKey offers eight agent services: four tailored to homebuyers, two tailored to home sellers and two applicable to both.

GoldenKey also offers consumers an option to pay a flat fee for a bundle of services, which is just a fraction of what they’d pay in commissions. Pay up front and pay less; pay later and pay a little more.

GoldenKey unlocks commissions and transforms the agent relationship from the one-size-fits-all commission model to a flexible, on-demand service focused on paying only for specific tasks.

You save money, agents are more productive. Everyone wins.

If you want a smart way to do real estate that aligns with the digital era, you owe it to yourself to check out GoldenKey. We built our real estate community just for you!